Still Alkyoni-Fans ;-)) - Alkyoni Beach Hotel in Naxos, Agios Georgios
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Still Alkyoni-Fans ;-))

Dear people at the Alkyoni Hotel,

even one year after our fantastic Naxos holidays we're still amazed when we remember the wonderful time we had.

Next year - this is for sure - we will come again. We are already looking forward to this trip and can't wait to book the flight. Last time I had brought along my little guitar - maybe you remember. And now I got myself a new little one, and I'd really like to introduce her to you ;-))

Well, I ask myself if I really should tell everybody how wonderful your hotel is, and how lovely the whole staff ... it could reduce our chances to get a free room in a dramatic way ;-) We will save further compliments for next summer - YEEAAAHHH!

Thank you all!

Simone Krispin und Oliver Hauke

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